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Top strategies for Job Hunting success - Page 5

25 Sep, 2012 || Social Media Resume

How to use Social Media in your Job Search

The most common way to find a job is by networking, in past years one could find a new job through networking, maybe a friend or family or a professional related acquaintance of you. However, these days, job search has more and more tools and techniques to improve and get the ideal job. In fact the Internet is a powerful tool and social media is used to network and eventually find a job.

Social Media ResumeIt’s for sure that you’ve heard about using social media for hunting job, and that you’re mission career opportunities if you don’t use these tools; maybe you have an account in some or at least one of these social networks: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Quora, Likedln and even Pinterest, but you used them to contact with friends or have some entertainment on these “fun” sites. Well it’s time to use them seriously and in your benefit.

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25 Sep, 2012 || Job Interviews

Tips to dress and impress in a Job Interview

How to dress for an interview?, it might sound like something superficial, but in fact is maybe the most important thing in which you should worry in order to cause a good impression on a potential employer because it helps them judge you on the way you dress for such important situation like a job interview. Consider that employer usually looks at your exterior as a representation of your interior.

Job Interview Outfit

Tips to dress and impress in a Job interview will be one of the most important topics to consider when preparing for this meeting (face-to-face communication) because according to psychologists the 55% of how much a person likes you is determined by what they see; in fact, it’s the way you look and your body language what is going to give the first stronger impression, and you have to consider that it only takes 7 seconds for an employer to qualify it: 38% in your tone of voice, 7% in what you say, and 55% in your appearance and moves (body language).

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25 Sep, 2012 || Resume Tools

Top 5 Resume Building Services

If you’re looking for a new job and you need your resume written, you can choose from several helpful tools on the Internet to create or update the one you have; there’re too much options that offer a great CV to get the job of your dreams. In this post we selected the best Resume Building Services, to make it easy the hard task of searching and tasting all tools offered.

Remember that your first goal with your resume is to convince a potential employer that you’re the person he/she is looking for, and if there’s any expense you need to do to get a successful one, it’ll worth the cost, especially because you have already invested thousands of dollars into your education and now you need to promote it. In fact you should consider this as an investment to achieve a well paying job.

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