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Why is an Objective Statement important to a Resume?

16 Oct, 2012


Your resume is the first impression you give to the potential employer, when you’re interested in applying for a job, so it’s a document in which you must put all your effort. You might see that there’re many templates and examples on the Internet to follow to write your own resume, and most of them have the same structure, what makes that most are very alike so the question is: How can I distinguish my resume from the others?

Resume Objective StatementIn fact, it’s important to stand out from the rest, because each day, each hour, employers and recruiters receive hundreds of CVs from applicants that, as you, are looking for a new job, they have prepared, have enough experience, training, and more. That’s why an Objective Statement important to a resume, by writing one or two lines you can get the interest of the recruiter in reading the rest of your CV.

The Objective statement

The objective is generally located at the beginning of a resume, just after your personal details that’s why maybe it’s the first section and the most significant information the potential employer will read.

As we said before, the recruiter has many resumes to check, so if he/she finds a boring objective, he/she will not take the resume in consideration; while, on the other hand, a vibrant objective the recruiter will take your resume seriously and maybe will call you for an interview.

Tips for writing an impressive objective statement

Write a clear statement; don’t make it confusing or unreadable with words that eve you might not recognize.

Don’t write a general resume objective statement; take your time to write a specific objective mentioning the job title.

Don’t use the pronoun “I” in your objective; you must focus on the job and the organization. In fact it’ll be better if you mention first the job title in which you’re interested and how you can contribute with the success of the company. For this reason it’s important to take time to read the position description Your resume objective will acquire more importance for the recruiter as you emphasize the skills you have that makes you the right person for the job.

Don’t forget that your objective statement is very important because it connects the information of your education, experience, skills, and accomplishments. A resume without objective can be considered like a piñata without candies. You can consider the following example, for a marketing job position:

Marketing position that utilizes my writing skills and enables me to make a positive contribution to the organization.

You can notice that it mentions the job position and focuses in the skills that the applicant has and will contribute to the company.

Written by: Jose H


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