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Top 5 Resume Building Services

25 Sep, 2012


If you’re looking for a new job and you need your resume written, you can choose from several helpful tools on the Internet to create or update the one you have; there’re too much options that offer a great CV to get the job of your dreams. In this post we selected the best Resume Building Services, to make it easy the hard task of searching and tasting all tools offered.

Remember that your first goal with your resume is to convince a potential employer that you’re the person he/she is looking for, and if there’s any expense you need to do to get a successful one, it’ll worth the cost, especially because you have already invested thousands of dollars into your education and now you need to promote it. In fact you should consider this as an investment to achieve a well paying job.

To select the top 5 resume building services listed below, we based our selection on important characteristics such as:

  • Friendly service and professional result resume.
  • The service offers different formats and templates, to choose the one that suits your needs.
  • Trustful resume builder service, that offers tips and hints to improve your job searching.
  • Tools to publish your resume in the most used social networks.
  • Support and excellent service that will guide you in all aspects of resume building.

The following resume building services we selected are popular, prominent and tasted services recommended by users:

Resume Builder

In they know how important is the resume in your career and your job search, that’s why they offer a pretty useful online tool to create a resume quickly with good content and correct format. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have experience in resume writing, the service is friendly and it gives you all required advice such as key phrases, templates, and additional tools so you can build and many resumes as you want.

Got Resume Builder

Apart from the guide and help when building a resume online, they also offer an instant resume website (a space to publish your new resume so you can share the url in social networks), you can create multiple resumes and download them in different formats.

Resume Edge


Service in is not free, so you might need to add this to your budget, they offer different levels of writing; in case you’re starting, you’re a professional, an executive, or even if you’re in military sector, in order to give you the resume that could fits exactly to your needs. They also offer the writing service according to the industry.

Online Resume

Online Resume



Although this resume builder service is not very popular, they offer a great and friendly website, with not only tools and hints for your resume, but also they provide useful information on articles and essays related to resume writing tips.

Written by: Jose H


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