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Some Tweaks on Your Resume Before You Send It Out

17 Jun, 2013


Applying for any job in today's economy can be overwhelming and in some cases, even intimidating depending on your qualifications and the industry you want to work in. When you want to begin applying for a position you are interested in, there are a few tweaks you should make prior to doing so with various resume maker tools and programs that can help. Using everything from a free image resizer to a translate tool can assist you with making your resume as professional and appealing as possible.

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The Benefits of Using Online Resume Tools

Any time you are applying for a new job, using resume tools can be extremely beneficial, regardless of the position you are interested in and your own qualifications. Online tools and resume makers help to create properly formatted resume templates that are professional and visually appealing. Online tools for building resumes provide quick access to template ideas, layouts and styles that are ideal for any type of position you are looking to get for yourself. Most often, resume tools online are free to use and only take a few seconds to get started.

Retouching and Resizing Your Resume Images

Before you submit a resume for any position, retouching and resizing the images you want to incorporate is highly recommended. Avoid sending a resume with an image that is too large or that does not fit properly on your resume when printed on one page. You can find an image resizer by visiting to quickly upload and resize any photos you want to place throughout your resume or CV. Resizing your images will only take a matter of seconds from start to finish when you use a resizer online.

Use a PDF to Word Converter

When you are in need of converting a PDF document into a smaller file, use a PDF to Word Converter to complete the process without having to manually convert each document you have individually and without assistance. Converting a PDF to Word will allow you to lower the file size you plan to send while also making the file editable. Editing your file may be necessary to help make changes with each job you are interested in. Using a Word to PDF tool is also possible if you want to send a PDF as your resume to a potential employer or hiring manager rather than a traditional Word file document. Simply uploading the document you want to convert to a conversion service online will allow you to quickly change the file type while also often reducing the size of the file overall.

The Benefits of an Online Translation Tool

Use this translate tool to help you create a resume that is in multiple languages. That free online translation tool is especially ideal if you want to find work in another country that is not your native country. A translate tool is essential if you plan to work for a company that is internationally-based or that requires you to read, write, speak and completely understand multiple languages. A translated resume can mean the difference between being considered as a potential new employee and being dismissed or overlooked altogether.

Using online resume tools and translators along with file converters is a way to boost the level of professionalism your resume boasts. When you incorporate the right sized images and proper translation, you will appear more qualified than other candidates who have not done so themselves before applying for the same position.

By Jose Sanchez, Expert Resume Writter and Career Advisor since 1999. Writing and sharing contents related to Resume Tools and Samples, Job Interviews, and Cover Letters. Collaborating with various blogs and providing tips, informative how-to guides, on-line tools, Resume Resources and Examples.


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