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Adapting Your Resume Images With ImageResizer

18 Jun, 2013


Using an image resizer for your resume is essential if you plan to email or submit your resume file online. When you resize images for your resume it helps to reduce the overall file size of the document you are sending.

Finding a job that you truly desire in today's economy can be challenging regardless of the type of work you do or the industry you want to work in. Any time you are formatting a resume for a new position, using a resume image resizer is highly recommended for all photos you plan to use in your CV or the resume itself. If you need to know how to resize images online, there are a few free resources that can be accessed within a few minutes to help get you started.

Resumes That Require Images

Although most resumes do not require photos or graphics, inserting a photo of yourself within your resume is highly recommended if you want your resume to stand out and if you are applying in a highly-competitive industry. When you want to work in the field of art, photography or anything that is related to creativity, having an image of yourself can help employers put a face to the candidate who is applying. The more unique and professional your resume appears, the easier it is to receive job offers that are appealing to you and meet your standards.

Using Resume Tools and an Image Resizer

When you want to put a resume together with image files that are not too big, using resume tools and an image resizer is necessary. Use a free image resizer within seconds to upload and resize any photograph you want to place within your resume. Resizing images using an image resizer is ideal if you are unfamiliar with using photo editing software programs yourself. It only requires a few seconds to upload and change the format and size of an image, reducing the overall file size of your resume or any cover letter you are planning to send.

You can also use an image converter to change the file type of your photos when you upload them online with the right tool. Converting images to an alternative file type greatly reduces the size of photographs so you can easily implement them in to your resume or cover letter.

Once you have resized or converted the images you want to place within your resume, you can then re-save the photos to your hard drive or computer desktop. Some online image resizers for resumes allow you to instantly add your photos directly to your resume depending on the file type. Using an image resizer can come in handy when you want to maintain the quality of your images but you want to reduce its overall size.

Using a resume image resizer gives you the ability to format your resume as intended without the knowledge of traditional software or design programs. When you use a free image resizer online, it only requires a few seconds of time and can greatly reduce the overall size of any document you plan to submit to potential employers and hiring managers. Taking the time and effort to ensure your resume is properly formatted and not too big will increase your chances of being considered a likely candidate for any position you are seeking for yourself.

By Xavier Colomain, Resume Consultant and Blog Contributor. Sharing expertise and providing Career Coaching since 1997.


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