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Perfecting Your CV for a HR Role

17 Jun, 2015


When you work in HR your CV will probably look somewhat different to if you were working in another industry. There are certain things that should be included on your CV that will really make it stand out among a mass of other job applications. The following advice can help you to ensure that your résumé is going to get you noticed and will help you progress in your HR career.

Bullet points should be used to highlight the main points that you want to make. One of the most important things to remember is to include examples with each point that you make. This will show potential employers all that you are capable of, and will also give them an insight into how you will fit into their business and what you may be able to achieve within their company. There are several key points that you should make reference to:

  • Level of responsibility

How much responsibility you have in your current role is one of the first things that employers will look for on your CV. They will look at who you report to, and if you are responsible for managing a team. It may be an advantage if you report to someone more senior than the HR Director, as this will indicate that you have experience in monitoring the bottom line of the business, and that you are aware of decisions that need making for the good of the company.

  • Range of duties

Your CV should also demonstrate the range of duties that you have in your current role. It is important that you show you are able to strike the right balance between details of your operational duties and any projects that you have worked on. It can be tempting to focus on the projects you have worked on, but employers need to know that their operational needs will not be compromised for this. Employers will be looking to see that you are familiar with software for human resources, so make sure you list everything that you currently use.

  • How you relate to employees

The HR role will bring you into contact with other employees of the business on a daily basis, and it requires a very specific set of skills to relate to employees effectively. You should make reference to any specific cases that you have been involved in, and highlight your role in these cases. It will also look impressive on your CV if you can show that you have a good knowledge of employment law, both in the UK and internationally.

  • Recruitment

If you are involved in the recruitment process, then you should give details about this on your CV. This should include the amount of people that have been recruited by you, and what level of seniority these appointments were. You should also mention what role you had in the interview process, and how far you were involved in the decision making about which candidate was successful.

Although working in HR can be a very challenging role, it is also very rewarding. If you are looking to advance your career then you need your CV to demonstrate how much of an asset you will be to a company. By ensuring you include all the points that have been made above on your CV then you will on your way to giving yourself a great chance of being successful when you apply for a new job.


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