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31 Jan, 2013 || Letters

How long should your Cover Letter be?

Cover Letter Lenght

A well-written cover letter is vital to anyone looking for a job, because this is the key to jobhunting success. The resume and the cover letter must support and complement each other. It is important to realize that the cover letter must be brief and compact. There is no need to include everything on it when you write a cover letter.

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7 Jan, 2013 || Letters

How to write an effective Cold-Call Letter

Cold-Call Letter

Can’t find job opportunities? or the job positions you find available are in companies in which you’re not interested to work with? Well if that’s the situation, you can use a cold-call letter (or cold contact cover letter). This type of cover letter is used to send accompanying your resume to companies that don’t have job openings.

As there’s not a job opening, your cold-call letter must be more than impressive, it should show a real interest and explain the reasons why you send the letter identifying the most relevant skills and experiences.

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18 Nov, 2012 || Letters

A few tips on how to properly ask for a Recommendation Letter

Recommendation Letter

After you've completed your schooling and have graduated with a degree, it is now time for you to go out and get a job. Though this may be a little tough for you to do right now in this economy. There are a few sure fire ways that you will get that call back or that interview that inevitably leads to the job that you've always wanted. A very important of this process is asking for a recommendation letter from your college or university.

This letter will help you when it's time to do a job search. It will highlight your strong points and give a brief overview of all your academic achievements within that class or even throughout the entire time you've been enrolled in the school.

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9 Nov, 2012 || Letters

Best tips for writing the perfect Resignation Letter

Resignation Letter Tips

When a person is getting ready to leave a job, it is best to write a resignation letter. For good or bad, it is a professional way to exit a company. There are a few tips that will help a person understandwhat is expected when writing this letter. Here is a look at what information needs to be included in the letter and the best way to phrase the wording.

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16 Oct, 2012 || Letters

How to write a Creative Cover Letter

The use of creativity can help you getting what you want many times, so you can also use it, to write a cover letter. After writing your resume, it is time to write your cover letter. This important document will help you to show employers why you are the right person for the job position. So, don’t lose the opportunity, and write a cover letter that catches the employer’s attention. Maybe you have written many cover letters, but from now, you need to write a creative one. So, do you know how to write a creative cover letter?

How to write a creative Cover LetterAlthough, sometimes a creative cover letter is more related to creative fields, when people apply to positions within the fine and modern arts, and within the entertainment industry, you can also use your creativity to write a cover letter, whatever be the job you are applying for.

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