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22 Feb, 2013 || Job Interviews

Interview first impressions: how to succeed

Job Interview First Impressions

It is extremely important for all applicants to make a good first impression during an interview.The initial interview is usually very short, but it can give you the right amount of time to impress your interviewer. It is normal for you to struggle especially if you do not know where to start. You should not stress yourself out during this period if you want to get your dream job.

Psychologists says that in the first 30 seconds the interviews will already assess you. In this short period of time, you will be judged on how you dress, behave and speak. You also need to focus on the very first interview questions that will be thrown out to you by the interview. This question is very critical.

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22 Jan, 2013 || Job Interviews

How to ace a Medical Job Interview

Medical Interview

There are lots of available positions in the medical field but the competition is also tough, so youneed to know how to go ahead with your competitors. Job search has several steps and the interview is the most important one that any employee needs to go through. Your chance of getting the position you are applying for depends on how well you perform during the interview.

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17 Dec, 2012 || Job Interviews

How to make a company research before the Job Interview

Job InterviewA Job Interview is what every job seeker looks for. It’s the opportunity to show your potential employer what you’re able to do and your knowledge, letting the employer know who you are and how you can help the company. It’s your chance to sell yourself to the employer.

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That’s why you need to be prepared to not miss the opportunity of performing well in the job interview; it’s an important milestone in your life, don’t forget the tough competition for jobs in our days. An inevitable step in your preparation is to do some research about the company before the job interview.

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10 Dec, 2012 || Job Interviews

How to prepare for an MBA interview

MBA InterviewAn MBA interview will focus on you, and to determine whether you are who you say you are, this kind of interviews differ from any other job interview because usually are lead by a committee (admission committee) from the business school you’re going to be admitted.

If you prepare for an MBA interview it’ll give you some advantage from the other applicants, it also will help you to determine your capacity to handle this important event, the questions you have to answer correctly about your goals, strengths, weaknesses, skills, potential, etc.

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16 Oct, 2012 || Job Interviews

Top 10 Job Interview Preparation Techniques

Getting a new job is each time harder for both new and experienced applicants; however, so if you wonder how to prepare for an interview, some specialists say that it’s all about the techniques; remember that the qualification of your interview starts in your preparation followed by the interview with the employer and even includes after this event. Things that you consider in your preparation will be reflected and will help or damage your presentation.

Job InterviewWe considered helping you with some ideas very important for your preparation for the interview, if you take them into account these techniques will improve your self confidence then with more security you might have success in this challenge. The following 10 job interview preparation techniques are useful before, during and after the interview, but remember that preparation is what matter most.

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25 Sep, 2012 || Job Interviews

Tips to dress and impress in a Job Interview

How to dress for an interview?, it might sound like something superficial, but in fact is maybe the most important thing in which you should worry in order to cause a good impression on a potential employer because it helps them judge you on the way you dress for such important situation like a job interview. Consider that employer usually looks at your exterior as a representation of your interior.

Job Interview Outfit

Tips to dress and impress in a Job interview will be one of the most important topics to consider when preparing for this meeting (face-to-face communication) because according to psychologists the 55% of how much a person likes you is determined by what they see; in fact, it’s the way you look and your body language what is going to give the first stronger impression, and you have to consider that it only takes 7 seconds for an employer to qualify it: 38% in your tone of voice, 7% in what you say, and 55% in your appearance and moves (body language).

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